Is possible to create multiple Stored Scripts in 1 single operation using the API?

I have more than 2.5K lines in StoredScripts in my old Cloud 5.6 cluster. I want to transfer them to my new Cloud 8.10.4 Cluster. For this, is there a way to automate the creation of these a little using the API?

I created the Scripts in the following way but I have more than 200 Scripts, do you think I should do it 1 by one? :frowning:

POST _scripts/ss_dashboard_1
  "script": {
    "lang": "mustache",
        "source": """{"aggregations":{"nivel":{"terms":{"field":"{{año}}{{mes}}.nivel.keyword"},"aggregations":{"tipo_cliente":{"terms":{"field":"{{año}}{{mes}}.tipo_cliente.keyword"}}}}}}""",
        "options": {
          "content_type": "application/json; charset=UTF-8"

There has been a lot of changes between version 5.6 and 8.10 so I suspect you will need to test each script to verify it still works. I would therefore recommend migrating and testing them all before simply uploading them and assuming they will continue to work.

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