Is the document of develop a new protocol up to date

Is the document "" up to date? In the document

All protocol modules implement the TcpProtocolPlugin or the UdpProtocolPlugin (or both) from the following listing (found in beats/packetbeat/protos/protos.go).

// Functions to be exported by a protocol plugin
type ProtocolPlugin interface {
        // Called to initialize the Plugin
        Init(test_mode bool, results publish.Transactions) error

        // Called to return the configured ports
        GetPorts() []int

type TcpProtocolPlugin interface {

        // Called when TCP payload data is available for parsing.
        Parse(pkt *Packet, tcptuple *common.TcpTuple,
                dir uint8, private ProtocolData) ProtocolData

        // Called when the FIN flag is seen in the TCP stream.
        ReceivedFin(tcptuple *common.TcpTuple, dir uint8,
                private ProtocolData) ProtocolData

        // Called when a packets are missing from the tcp
        // stream.
        GapInStream(tcptuple *common.TcpTuple, dir uint8, nbytes int,
                private ProtocolData) (priv ProtocolData, drop bool)

        // ConnectionTimeout returns the per stream connection timeout.
        // Return <=0 to set default tcp module transaction timeout.
        ConnectionTimeout() time.Duration

type UdpProtocolPlugin interface {

        // ParseUdp is invoked when UDP payload data is available for parsing.
        ParseUdp(pkt *Packet)

I can't find the code in beats/packetbeat/protos/protos.go.

Looks like those moved in registry.go. Could you open a ticket so that we fix the docs, please?

The guide should be mostly up-to-date, if you find other bugs please report them. I recommend following the master version of the docs if you plan to work agains Packetbeat master.

The same, I can't find the following code from file: config/config.go

type Protocols struct {
        Icmp     Icmp
        Dns      Dns
        Http     Http
        Memcache Memcache
        Mysql    Mysql
        Mongodb  Mongodb
        Pgsql    Pgsql
        Redis    Redis
        Thrift   Thrift

And protos/protos.go does not contain the code:

// Protocol constants.
const (
        UnknownProtocol Protocol = iota

// Protocol names
var ProtocolNames = []string{

@steffens Can you check the above?

beat version? Are you using the master branch? The doc is clearly outdated and mostly fits packetbeat 1.x .

We used to have a code generator for packetbeat TCP protocols. I can't currently find it in master branch, but in 5.2 release branch:

The generator contains a tutorial style readme with code for a sample server you can test with (e.g. telnet to sample server and capture traffic with packetbeat).

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