Is the User-Based Data model a good solution?

Hi everyone!

Sorry for my bad English.

I am researching a data model for storing product reviews. Suppose, need to store reviews of 10000+ products. I think the User-Based Data model is right here.
But it says here that for products that has only few reviews it makes no sense to create a separate index. Initially this will be the case: all products will have a small amount of feedback. But over time, the number of reviews for some products may increase significantly!

Here comes the One Big User model. But it is not easy to implement: need to monitor the products, make a decision that it is time to make a separate index, create index and move data...

Maybe there is some automation for this?

And if implement User-Based Data model, how bad will it be if 90% of products will have 10-20 reviews (indices of 10-20 documents), and 10% with 1000+ reviews?

Thank you!

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