Is there a cloning engine feature?

Hello everyone,

I recently created multiple engines to host our different environments.
I have 3 engines, one for each environment : Production, Staging and Development.

I wanted to know if we had an option to copy / clone all the documents of one engine to an other one.
I saw something similar for Site Search (Engine Cloning Guide | Swiftype Documentation) but nothing like it for App Search.

If something like this exists on AppSearch, is it embedded in it or can I trigger something directly on Elasticsearch to enable such a feature ?

Thank you

Hey @luberti, to my knowledge, we do not have anything like that for App Search.

Hello @JasonStoltz,

Will you be providing such a feature in future releases or not ?
I can't believe no one is using AppSearch in a production environment with no alternate environments on other engines.
Is there anything I can do on Elasticsearch, manipulating index to retrieve all the documents in one go and copy them ?

Hey @luberti,

Yes, sorry, I should have elaborated. This is possible using the REST API. To transfer documents, you'd need to do use the Documents API to fetch documents from the Dev instance, and then index them to the Staging index, etc.

We'd love to have something more user friendly in the future, I'm sure we'll get there eventually! Bear with us in the meantime.

Check the API out and let me know if you have any questions.

Hello @JasonStoltz,

This will not work in my case as the List documents method from the Documents API can only list up to 10,000 elements while my engine has easily more than 80,000 ...

People don't use this feature at all ? Cloning every document to another engine will take hours without such a feature as I have to list them all from my database and then send them back using the API.

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