Copy an engine

Im trying to figure out if there a way to copy an existing engine with all his properties.

the API doesn't support this feature.

It will be very useful if you create a "DEV" engine and you convert it to a "PROD" engine

Hello, @miki_haiat,

Unfortunately, engine cloning is not supported by App Search at the moment. One workaround that comes to mind for dev/prod engine switching scenarios is using meta engines:

The initial setup

  1. Create an engine (let's call it engine1)
  2. Create a meta engine (let's call it my-search) and add engine1 into it
  3. Index your data into engine1 and send all of your searches to my-search

Swapping out engines

Now, imagine, you want to make some changes that require you to swap out production engines:

  1. Create a new engine engine2, index your data into it
  2. Add engine2 into my-engine and remove engine1
  3. As long as your search traffic goes through the meta engine, the swap out procedure should be really graceful and require no downtime.

I hope this helps.