Is there a curator operation order?

Currently, elasticsearch distributed as bosh release is in operation.

As you can see
I have a cluster_monitor and maintenance vm inside logsearch Deployment.

Deployment 'logsearch'

Instance          VM Type            Active              Process State  AZ  IPs            VM CID                            

I knew that I was managing indices through the contents defined in the curator's actions.yml in cluster_monitor, but even if the retention period was changed to 90 days, the discover graph of kibana was shown every 30 days.

As it turned out, it was being managed as defined in curator's actions.yml in maintenance.

I'm curious how curator works in this case.

Are both curators working?
Or maybe only one curator is working and the other is ignored
If so, what are the criteria or order in which it works?

please answer about my question!

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