Is there a Google Workspace connector?

I can see a Google Drive connector, is this hte same as Google Workspace?

Hi @catmanjan, it's a different connector - Google Drive is a part of Google Workspace, but Google Workspace also includes other products - like GMail, that are not ingested by Google Drive connector.

Thanks where can I find more information on teh Google Workspace connector?

At this point there is no Google Workspace connector, do you mean Google Drive connector?

Current information about Google Drive connector is available in Connecting Google Drive | Workplace Search documentation [8.8] | Elastic

Hi @catmanjan, has the documentation on Workplace Search Google Drive linked above helped?

Can you share what are you looking to ingest from Google Workspace? If you're not interested in Workplace Search but focusing on logs, maybe this integration would be helpful.

Hi @Dana_Juratoni - does the Google Drive connector work for the Google Drive which exists inside of Google Workspace?

We are basically looking for a connector for the entirety of Google Workspace, including mail, documents, sites, etc...

The existing integrations for Gmail and Drive should work if you're using a Google Workspace account.

Additionally, you can index documents to Workplace Search using Custom Source API and build custom integration for any Google Workspace app (e.g. calendar, meets,...) that you wish to search over.

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