Multiple account management capability for Workspace Search

Is there a plan to make Workspace Search connectors multiple accounts enabled?

The demand for federated search across multiple repositories occurs along the way of acquiring companies for the rapid growth of enterprise companies. Each acquired companies use various repository services such as Google Workspace, Office 365, Salesforce (Chatter), Slack, Dropbox, BOX, etc. The more subsidiary companies grow, the harder it is to search across those repositories.

Workspace Search is useful for this situation, but all connectors can only handle one account (as far as I know). In reality, multiple subsidiary companies use Google Workspace.

If Workspace Search connectors were multiple accounts aware, that would satisfy this requirement.

Hey @Yasuyuki_Takeo ,

Good question. Workplace Search makes heavy use of OAuth2 Applications in order to federate authentication to the various 3rd-party data sources. Currently, we only have the capability of registering a single OAuth2 Application per "service type." However, many of these service types support using a single OAuth2 Application to authenticate across many accounts.

Take Google Drive for instance. You can create a single OAuth2 Application and configure its clientId and clientSecret in Workplace Search's Connector Configurations settings page. Then, you can create as many Google Drive Content Sources as you would like, as long as you go through the OAuth Authorize flow and authenticate as a unique user each time.

This is not possible to do with our Connectors that require a base_url as part of the Connector Configuration (Jira Server, Confluence Server, Github Enteprise Server, etc). This is a feature gap that we're aware of, and hoping to address in a future version.

Hi @Sean_Story ,
Thank you for the detailed reply. I understood the current specification. I am glad your team has been aware of this demand, and I hope the feature is available sooner!

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