Is there a Multi-node small cluster in Elasticsearch Service (cloud) planned for future?

We have a 3-node cluster running on Linux servers with 8GB memory per server. When configuring cluster in elastic cloud, there is no option for multiple nodes until you get to 58GB per node, which is cost-prohibitive for a smaller cluster. Are there any plans for a lower limit for a multi-node cluster?

You can have multiple smaller nodes as long as you deploy these across multiple AZ (which is recommended best practice) so you should be able to set up a 3-node 8GB cluster.

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Why do you want multiple nodes?

Ah ok, so does that mean that if we have multiple zones, then sharding will work across the nodes across zones?

Yes. It is still a single cluster.

We've had 3 nodes in our cluster mostly for availability and performance. We shard our bigger index and having multiple nodes also saves our cluster from going to red status just in case a node goes down. In the case of elastic cloud, since there is only one node per zone, it seems that we will lose our elasticsearch capability. If we have multiple zones, each with a node in it, would sharding work across them?



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