Is there a plan for elasticsearch to support LTR (learning to rank)

Solr 6.4 enabled support for LTR machine learning model with the goal of improved search relevancy . I was wondering if elasticsearch or prelert will support this in future?

" Machine Learning:

Configurable Learning-To-Rank (LTR) support: upload feature definitions, extract feature values, upload your own machine learnt models and use them to rerank search results. " - from
-Sujith Joseph

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I only took a very quick glance at the above link, and I do not think you will find this exact feature in Elasticsearch, but you should take a look at others which may offer ways to implement similar functionality.

You might want to take a look at the rescore query as well as in this work in progress branch (which is not yet released) called rank-eval


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Thanks Alex. LTR provides a personalized relevancy experience per user. rank-eval seems like an alternative for NDCG based rank scorer implementation.

Hey @Sujith_Joseph in fact we just released a Learning to Rank plugin, you can read more in this blog post. Here's the github repo.


Thanks for sharing, Doug. Great Work! Read about this is reddit today. You might also be interested in Vowpal Wabbit (, if you are looking for features to add to your ranklib based implementation.

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