Is there a way to accumulate the count of given word(s) in a standard indexed field?

We would like to provide customers the ability to enter keywords and get a date histogram driven chart which tracks both the amount of documents that it hit (straight forward) and how many times that particular keyword was used across all of the documents for that time segment. i.e. given the words "cat" and "dog" we may have a document hit histogram of:

cat: 30
dog: 50
cat: 80
dog: 20
cat: 75
dog: 60

We would also like to see how many times those keywords show up in the given document field (accumulated term frequency):

cat: 60
dog: 500
cat: 125
dog: 65
cat: 400
dog: 120

I'm not seeing anything obvious from the API in order to achieve the later use-case. Any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated.

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