Is there a way to copy a subset of data from one elasticsearch index to another?

hi all

I am looking for a way to copy a subset of data (this could mean only some
documents, or only some fields from the documents) from one elasticsearch
index to another in the same cluster

Scenario: I have a potentially very large index (with billions of
documents). I need the fine details for a period of time, but after that
period it would be useful to only have a subset of the data (filtered by
some criteria or only returning certain fields) so that our indexes dont
become needlessly bloated with less useful data.

In this situation, I don't think that we can use date-based indexes (ie
mydata-2015-05030) as the data doesnt really have a specific date to use.

I do see that there's a couple of java/node based tools, and a plugin named
knapsack ( Hard to tell
from the docs if they can do what I am trying to do.

Has anyone had to deal with situation, copying a subset of data from one
index/cluster to a new index/cluster? If so, what are you using??

Thanks in advance for any help

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