Is there a way to create "cookieSessionStorageFactory" for external plugins?


I'm developing a plugin for Kibana 8 that uses cookies. But when I want to create a cookieSessionStorageFactory, it is giving the following error.

Error: A cookieSessionStorageFactory was already created
    at HttpServer.createCookieSessionStorageFactory (http_server.ts:557:13)
    at Object.createCookieSessionStorageFactory (http_server.ts:285:14)
    at TestPlugin.setup (plugin.ts:89:105)
    at withTimeout (promise.ts:18:13)
    at PluginsSystem.setupPlugins (plugins_system.ts:143:31)
    at PluginsService.setup (plugins_service.ts:168:19)
    at Server.setup (server.ts:349:26)
    at Root.setup (index.ts:67:14)
    at bootstrap (bootstrap.ts:115:5)
    at Command.<anonymous> (serve.js:329:5)

When I look up at kibana code, I observed kibana security plugin is creating that cookieSessionStorageFactory and there is no way to disable kibana security plugin. Then I decided to get that sessionStorageFactory from kibana security plugin but I couldn't find any appropriate way to do that. How can I use cookieSessionStorageFactory for my plugin?

anything? :frowning: