Is there a way to feed live data to logstash?

as this is possible in CSV file that we can add live data to it, is it possible for databse as well? for example while running a csv file on logstash we add rows to it i9t get reflected on KIBANA but this is not possible in database through JDBC input plugin for logstash as i update rows it get reflected to KIBANA but we have run command again and again each time we add a row . is there a way i can feed live data to it???? because i am getting static result.

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I'm not sure I follow. Are you setting the schedule parameter on the logstash jdbc plugin so the plugin actually polls your database on a regular basis for new data?

i didint get you @Joshua_Rich

i didnt set schedule . i dont know its working.

I think he wonders if it's possible for Logstash to update the indata in real-time from a CSV file as soon as he adds a row in it.