Is there a way to filter by date and not by date time in Kibana Lens?

I've recently tried to use kibana lens and realised that my time filter in control is filtering by date time. Is there a way to make it filter by date instead?
filter by datetime
what I plan to obtain is something similar to this:
expecting datetime

One option to do this would be to ingest the current date without time in a separate keyword field, then build the filter based on that. I guess it would be possible to work with date ranges as well, but it won't be as comfortable because AFAIK the UI won't help you with this

From what I know from my research is that I am able to change my date formate by creating a new index pattern data field. However, I am rather confuse on how to move forward. I've read about painless scripting language specifically about datetime formatting too

Using Datetime in Painless | Painless Scripting Language [master] | Elastic

Image below is for creating a new index pattern data field called newDate.

Any advice would be appreciated!

Hi @Arrick Welcome to the community.

Did you look at setting a custom time interval in Lens Data Table.

Hello @stephenb , yep I did look at the settings and it does work

However, my issue is more in the control section and not in the lens section. Where I am unable to change my datetime filter into just date (eg, YYYY/MM/DD).

This runtime field -

ZonedDateTime input = doc['@timestamp'].value;
String output = input.format(DateTimeFormatter.ISO_LOCAL_DATE);


Will return date in yyyy-mm-dd

This page is very useful for date formatters -

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Hello @ghudgins , thank you for your help! The documentation is really helpful in understanding. I tried to emit my output but kibana just keeps giving me syntax error when emitting. I noticed that I cant emit anything.
I tried changing my type from Date to Long but I still gets the same error when emitting.

The Field Type should be keyword since your are emitting a string that you want to aggregate / filter on.

The code above should work.



Thank you @stephenb !! It works perfectly now, thank you so much for your guidance

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