Is there a way to identify which visualization type was used to in a dashboard besides deducing and testing?

Hi, I am working on migration of kibana dashboards to a new instance and having trouble to find what type of table was used in certain visualizations. Is there a way to check this in the existing dashboard what was the exact visualization type used?

You could try editing the dashboard and editing the visualization from the action menu of the dashboard panel. You'll be taken to the application where that visualization was created and see the configuration.

No ID or names to know the type of visualization you are editing... kibana is loosing several usability points since I started using it. :frowning:

Sorry to hear this is a challenge.

You could be working in a visualization that does not have an ID if it is saved into the dashboard itself and not a standalone saved object.

There are different ways that visualizations can be placed in a dashboard. They could be added from your "library" - in that case, the visualization has an ID. They could also be added "inline", or part of the dashboard object itself. In that case they are not a separate saved object from the dashboard itself.

I hope that helps!

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