Is there a way to keep the results of a search?

Hi, imagine the scenario that a user searches for "tv". A number of docs match (say 1000 results). Then the user applies some filters , say inches size, Hz, price etc.
Is there a way that ES keeps the results of the previous search and applies the filters only to those results rather than making a fresh search across all the docs?
I know ES use a cache but I think it works when the user makes exactly the same search. Is that right or am i missing something?

The cache that you're likely to get the most benefit out of here is lower-level, it applies on the Lucene side on a per-filter basis. This means that if you send a query, then send the same query with an additional filter, then the same again with another additional filter, each filter part (let's assume they're different clauses in a bool filter clause) can be cached individually.

Hopefully that helps, there really isn't a need to keep the results of a search in their entirety.

Thnx dakrone. Do i need to configure the Lucene's cache or does it work out of the box?

It's automatic, you don't need to do anything.

Thnx Mark !