Is there a way to monitor JVM without Jolokia

Hello there,

can i Setup the metricbeats with any Parameters, in order to monitor my jmx metrics of a Java application without using jolokia?

i'm running my applications with Karaf.

thanks alot

Hi @dzoni,

Metricbeat requires Jolokia to collect JMX metrics.

In principle only Java applications can collect JMX metrics. Metricbeat is a Go application, so it needs something that exposes the metrics in a protocol it can understand, this is why Jolokia is used, that exposes JMX through HTTP.

Jolokia can be deployed as an OSGi agent, and it supports Karaf, so you could use it this way.

If you cannot deploy monitoring agents in your application server, but you have access to the RMI port of your Karaf server, you can use Jolokia in proxy mode. Metricbeat supports it by using the target setting.

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