Is there a way to to use Beats (topbeat) to monitor Docker containers in an easy way?

(Marco Pas) #1

Hi there, we are currently experimenting with Beats to monitor our docker containers. Currently we have a setup so that we need to install Beats in every Docker Container that we create. This gives overhead per container. Is there a way to use Beats (topbeat) in a way that we can install it on a host so it monitors all containers that are running on that host?

(Steffen Siering) #2

With processes in containers being visible via top, it should be possible to use topbeat. But when running the same service multiple times in containers the meta-data required to identify the correct process are lacking.

Have you checked out this awesome community beat?

There is talks about adding a cgroups module to metricbeat (but implementation hasn't started yet).

Seems like there is some community effort adding docker support to metricbeat?.

We're aware of monitoring docker containers being a pain (in general) and we're looking for improving support, but right now best choice seems to be dockerbeat.

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