Monitoring remote container processes


I have Metricbeat deployed in a dedicated Docker container monitoring CPU, Memory and I/O on numerous other containers running on the same VM. Data is collected from the other containers via /var/run/docker.sock as explained in the "Running Metricbeat on Docker" guide.

My question is, can I monitor processes on these remote containers via /var/run/docker.sock or am I forced to run Metricbeat in each of these other containers to get process info?


Sorry, forgot to mention that I'm running Metricbeat 6.7 and using the Docker module.

Can you elaborate on what processes you would like to monitor? Are you thinking about monitoring mysql (just an example) in a mysql container or all processes inside this mysql container?

Thanks for your response -

I'm interested in simply verifying that a few processes are active on the HOST from Metricbeat running in a Docker container. For example, I may want to make sure crond is running on the host and generate an email if it's not running.

My plan is to write a watcher to verify a specific process exists in the list of processes sent from Metricbeat to Elasticsearch and generate an email if not.


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