Is there an Elastic Agent configuration on K8s can send pod logs?

Hi, I've had success deploying elastic-agent to K8s using

This configuration doesn't include the collection of Pod logs from K8s via Filebeat. Is this possible? The policy documentation doesn't explain what the syntax or valid options are for inputs, as far as I can tell. The documentation references logfile configurations, and I know that under the hood, elastic-agent will be using filebeat - is there a way of extrapolating the settings of inputs with the configuration of Filebeat - something like Run Filebeat on Kubernetes | Filebeat Reference [7.11] | Elastic ?

Also, I couldn't get 7.11.2 to work, so went back to 7.11.0. Troublingly I couldn't find an error report in the agent's logs or anywhere in the server. I wonder if there's another sensible place to look for errors?

Also, I don't get 'Beats' monitoring through Kibana and not sure what could be wrong there either.

Thanks for any help you can offer, Dan.