Is there an option to return the query string in the result?

Like the topic suggested. Is there an option to return back what my query is for the result?
What I am looking for is to embed an ID to the request so we can easily identify the source of requester.
So the task detail view can easily show who's query is taking large execution time.
But unfortunately, the task view doesn't show the "comment" in json payload; therefore, my original idea won't work.

Has anybody done something similar already? I'm open to ideas to easily identify the source of requester. I don't mean IP address, etc. I am looking for an easy way for the requestor to self identify.


No, there's not.

How are you sending the query to Elasticsearch?

REST call.
I think 7.5+ has the concept of X-Opaque-ID, which is sort of what I'm looking for. But I'm on 7.1 at the moment.
It would be good to have a feature/option to allow us to add a "comment" of sort where the result will just copy/paste the comment from the request body. That way, we can tag the request with anything that makes sense to the requester.
It would make debugging a lot easier.

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