Is there any alternate way for connecting Elasticsearch from C++ code except ODBC?

I tried fetching data of Elasticsearch from C++ code using Elasticsearch ODBC. As elasticsearch is known for its fast fetching speed, I'm not getting the expected performance using ODBC as compared to other RDBMS. So, can anyone suggest me the any other way, other than Elasticsearch ODBC to connect Elasticsearch from C++ code where the speed of fetching documents from Elasticsearch needs to be considered ?

Could you share the query you are running?

The query is as simple as 'select empno, empname, address from emp where empno = 123'

How long does it take?

It looks like you already opened a discussion which is similar at Elasticsearch SQL ODBC taking more time than previous version

I suggest that we keep the discussion there.

It is approx. 400 milliseconds. The time is not taken immediately after starting node, but after warming up the indices. The time is much as compared to other RDBMS where they take only 20-30 milliseconds.

If u only need to connect to Elasticsearch'es REST search API - ie. if Query DSL is an option - there seems to be a community C++ client. Don't know if it supports other API's, like SQL or up to date.

But I also recommend troubleshooting your environment, to find out what's the cause of the delays you're getting, the ODBC driver is just a thin layer.

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