Is there any limit of number of Index

Hi All,

Our aim is to implement a Chat Service and we want to use ElasticSearch to store our hot message data.

So we are thinking that Every conversation has unique "index" and there will be messages inside of it as "document"

As you guess there will be millions of conversation and every conversation requires unique index so there will be million of indexes.

So I there any limit of number of index in elasitcsearch ?

And let me explain why we are using one index for per conversation; You know accessing index is so fast in elastic search so we will access coversation immediately when we type index.

If there is a limit What will be your ideas ?

Each index consists of one or more shards, and each shard has overhead. This means that having a large number of small shards/indices is very inefficient and will scale badly. based on this I would recommend you to reconsider your indexing strategy. Typically it is good to aim for shards that are between a few GB to a few tens of GB in size in order to maximise the amount of data a node can hold.

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