Is there any observability into ingest pipelines?


So! Logstash has a pipeline viewer, which gives a nice visualization and some performance data on pipelines and their individual components.

My google-fu may be failing, but is this not a thing for Elasticsearch ingest pipelines?

I'm working through deciding whether to lean towards Logstash, or ingest pipelines. Not having much insight into the performance of the pipeline, and in particular, of components of the pipeline (am I writing inefficient painless scripts? did my change to a script help or hurt peformance? etc.), is a very, very big point against using these... To be honest, even if they are faster for most like-for-like tasks, missing this sort of performance data seems like it could be worth taking the performance hit and going with logstash?

If this isn't a thing already, are there plans to add it?


For reference, in case anyone else has the same question:

I've done some investigation internally and a pipeline viewer ui for ingest pipelines is a feature our monitoring team hopes to release in the future. Unfortunately I'm unable to provide any kind of time table around when this feature will be available or any guarantees around it's development. I have however informed our dev team of your interest to see a pipeline viewer ui for ingest pipelines and created internal enhancement request# 6109 on your behalf.

Guess we'll lean towards Logstash where we can.


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