Is there any way I can keep original words with the stemmed words? Is it a good idea?

Hello there,

Is there any way I can keep original words with the stemmed words? (I guess
I could use combo plugin but I was wondering if kstem would have such

Here is my dilemma. I would greatly appreciate your input

My data consists of very many (couple of hundred) short fields. Some of
them age organization names or special medical terms but other are
plain English. I need to be able to search across all of them accomplish
both precise matches and stemmed matches. Some of the fields I can decide
not to stem but for others I need both stemmed and non stemmed matches.
Eventually, I will use custom "_all" like multifield so those that must not
be stemmed (codes, identifiers, names) I will not but I still have very
many fields I do need to stem but would also need to match on exact term
with higher precision. If I was dealing just with few fields I would index
them twice with and without stemming and played with boosts but I need to
search all couple of hundreds of them at once so I think I would rather try
keeping stemmed and original in the same field

Thank you,

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