Is there any way to do complicated mathematical matching of indexes while retrieval? <not just simple text comparison >

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Hello everyone,
We are here basically working on a project for developing a content based
video retrieval system. We have used hadoop + Javacv + Xuggler for hashing
the videos in form of feature vectors represented as histograms. So for real
time retrieval of these videos, we were planning to use Solr, for indexing
these feature vectors.

But the problem is, when the input query clip is given by user for
comparison -- which is also hashed to obtain the feature vectors, which then
can be used for comparison with the indexed hashed values, but what we
really need to do is something sort of Histogram intersection of the query's
histogram with that of indexed ones to obtain a similarity value. So how can
we do this? is there any way out for doing a mathematical comparison in

Thank you.

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