Is there any way to implement document level security in app search?

Hi Team,

We need to implement security trimming on search result. Presently we are using App search and Search UI to show result.

Can we implement document level security in app search ?

Hey @ranjeet.tiwari. I'm not entirely sure about your use case but I think you can achieve this with a filterable field 'wrapped' in a Signed Search key.

Hi @orhantoy,

Thanks for quick reply.

Document level security restricts the documents that users have read access

In elasticsearch, it is feasible.

Can we achieve same in app search?


Document level security in App Search can be implemented with Signed Search Keys, as Orhan mentioned.

After authenticating a user, you would generate a Signed Search Key for them, encoded with a filter on whatever field you wish to restrict documents by.

It's a different approach than Elasticsearch.

Does that makes sense?


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