Is there any way to index two separate fields into one fields with the same offset (like synonyms)

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Hi my use case is that a person may have several first names - formal name, informal name and nick name. They are all known at index time but it is not known on which of those a user may search. Searching on any of those is fairly simple of course but when it comes to search results presentation with hit highlighting I would like to show full name with formal first name and it should be highlighted whether the hit was on it or one of its variants. I guess I could try to index first name as an array and put together full name from highlights of first names, last name and other name components but it would be very neat if I could index and search on full name (it has quite a few components - first/last/middle name, prefix, suffix, honorific, professional suffix) but somehow index variants of first name at the same position as the first name itself. I guess I could index an array of full names with all variants ...

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