Is there any way to run diagnostic steps against the problem in X-pack

I know with X-pack we can do all kind of monitoring and altering but is there any way that we can run some diagnostic steps against the problem.

Suppose if FS reached 86% we will get alerts but we want that as alter generates it should also run automatically our created scripts to cleanup FS.

above is simple example.

is this possible ?

There is no built-in way to do this, but what you can do is maybe have you script check the .watcher index to see if the watch action was executed or look for the email sent by watcher or by using the webhook action:

Thanks Marius for answer but I want to know can we run shell scripts via webhook.

Well, webhook sends a request to a web service. IF build your own web service and set it to run a shell script on a specific request, you could do it.

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