Is there are max number of operators in a query?

Dear all =)

Ideally would I like to make a search query that contains approx 100 OR operators and 1 AND NOT like so

(logLevel:error OR logLevel:fatal) AND NOT
(searchString1 OR searchString2 OR searchString3 OR  ...  OR searchString100)

where a searchString would typically be simple such as msg:'Could not find ID' but with approx 100 different messages.

I want to find all the errors I don't know how to search for. All the searchString's are error messages I know about, so the purpose of this is to create a "Catch All" =)

Which raises the following questions =)

  1. Is there a max number of operators in a query? 500 would be excellent if possible =)
  2. Will this be CPU heavy on Elastic?
  3. Are there a better way to do it?

Sandra =)

I have found a better way to do it. Each document have the unique _id which I can use to delete duplicates.

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