Is there documentation regarding the field names in the logs?

I am brand new to kibana. I am looking at my logs and there are some field names I am not familiar with. Is there documentation that will explain the field names to me?

thank you

What kinda logs?
Kibana logs? or you are looking at logs inside Kibana?

All our documentation is here - Elastic Stack and Product Documentation | Elastic


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To answer you question, I suppose it would be logs within Kibana (the logs belong to another server). Here are the fields (picture attached) I would like to learn more about it. This is screenshot from in kibana. Would these fields be in the documentation you provided? thank you very much!

The fields the kibana shows are the fields present in the elasticsearch documents, the names of these fields depends entirely on the source of your data and how you are ingesting it.

Some fields are metadata fields added by elasticsearch during indexing, like _id, _index, _score, _type and a few others.

Some could be added by the tool you are using to ingest, like the @timestamp that could be added by logstash or beats and fields.* custom fields that can be added by filebeat.

The majority of the fields in a document is from the source of your data, so you need to check the source of your data to see what they are.

But, which fields are you talking about and are not familiar with?

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