Is there some alternative way to load data from database to ES except for logstash jdbc-plugin?

I recently tried to load data from database to elasticsearch using Logstash jdbc-plugin and it worked perfectly fine. Even the scheduling part.

But my team wants a non tech savvy option. where we do not have to write code in logstash configuration and then run it. sort of just load the whole table to ES. I have found another tool called KIBI/Siren Investigate that does this. But I want to know if its possible in out ELK Stack or is their a feature like this to be added in future?


Hi @groverjatin17,

If you are asking about alternate option of logstash then you can use filebeat for the same which is the part of ELK stack.

Harsh Bajaj

Okay. Maybe I was not clear. So by alternative way I mean. Dropdowns for entering database details. And then creating index again via dropdowns saying which table do we want to load.
And then playing with the index we created.

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