Is this possible with pipeline aggregations

Hi, is it possible to create an aggregation that a term aggregation, then use a range or histogram aggregation over the counts of the terms.

Imagine I have docs with clicks by a user. Using the terms aggregation I can get the amount of clicks per user. Now I would like to find the number of users with over a 100 clicks, between 75 and 100 clicks and below 75 clicks for instance.

Does someone know if this is possible?

Regards Jettro

Afraid not possible at the moment. There's not a pipeline agg that provides that sort of functionality. You could kinda hack it with multiple terms aggs and a bucket_selector... but it would be terribly inefficient.

I think you'll have to do the histogramming client side for now. Sorry :frowning:

Thanks for your reply, Then I can stop searching for doing this in Kibana :wink:

Happy to (sorta) help :slight_smile:

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