Is two node cluster with xpack is viable?


I have two elasticsearch nodes with xpack and at least one should be available at all the time as per the requirement. we can only upgrade the VMs by deleting and recreating and this is also a requirement. My use case here is to drop one node and rebuild it and then the other one. However as soon as I drop one node the other one is breaking therefore I am unable to achieve zero down time.

How can I achieve this upgrade with zero down time with nodes?


What do you exactly mean by this? What is breaking?

What does this have to do with X-Pack and Security?


If Stop one node in the cluster, I can't access elasticsearch from Kibana. I've enabled the Xpack to use the watcher alerts.

You should have three nodes minimum for a cluster, see Important Configuration Changes | Elasticsearch: The Definitive Guide [2.x] | Elastic

Which node does Kibana point to?

Thanks for your quick reply. I've two kibana nodes pointing to each of the elasticsearch nodes.

K1-> ES1
K2 -> ES2

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