"Isolate Host" is missing

Hi All,

I have recently installed an ELK stack on Debian 11 v7.150.0 and seem to be having one issue, I've added the "Security Endpoint" as an integration however there is no "Isolate Agent" option under the "Take Action"


This is one of the key features that we are looking at as the trial on the cloud seems to have this option

Thanks in advance!


Per Subscriptions | Elastic Stack Products & Support it looks like Host Isolation is maybe a Platinum/Enterprise license feature. But if this is the case, it isn't marketed very well, as things like: Introducing Limitless XDR | Elastic Blog make it seem like it is part of the basic license feature.

looks that way Ben - thanks for the link. Yes, marketing needs to get a grip of it - unless its a deliberate ploy to get us all hooked! :smiley:

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