Issue regarding completion suggester in elasticsearch?

I have used completion suggester for suggestions.So my question is I have created a type called "states" in one of indices and I have indexed around 10k documents to that type.

For some reason I have dropped that type and re-indexed the documents.

Here is the mystery while I'm querying for that type it is showing me the old suggestions.

We are using elasticsearch2.2.0

Please let me know if there are options to get the results based on the current type documents.

Thanks in advance,

Kartheek Gummaluri


there's a not at the bottom of the docs saying that:

The suggest data structure might not reflect deletes on
documents immediately. You may need to do an Optimize for that.
You can call optimize with the only_expunge_deletes=true to only target
deletions for merging.

Have you tried that? Not sure if it helps but I'd start with that.

I tried that one but it is not working