Issue with API communication

in our company we use and I would like to configure automation new cluster deployment from existing snapshot of secondary cluster.
I have a problem with API communication. I wanted to send request for example:
"curl -k -X GET myuser:myPassword" and I received "access denied". I am using correct credentials(the same like for UI).

Is it possible to connect to elastic cloud enterprise API?
This doesn't work -

curl -X POST "" -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d'                                                    3 ↵
  "username" : "myuser",
  "password" : "mypass"

How can I generate api-key?

Thanks for yours reply.
Regards, Dawid

The Elasticsearch Search cloud (as opposed to its on-prem sibling Elastic Cloud Enterprise) doesn't have an official API yet

We are in the process of adding that capability (no ETA, but we do have a (currently very limited) beta program - you could contact support to see if you might qualify/be interested in that?


Thank you. At the moment we will wait for the official APi.


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