Issue with AWS Load Balancer when using Java API 2.3.5

We have deployed Elasticsearch 2.1.2 on a AWS server. We have developed a service that communicate to elasticsearch using the Java API 2.3.5. For security reason, we have placed Elasticsearch behind a load balancer. We are encountering some issues when the IP of the load balancer is changing. Is there a known issue with the Java API caching the IP for requests?

What issues?

However there was a problem (fixed in 2.4.2) where DNS entries were not correctly refreshed.

It seems that the IP is cached through the Java API and queries are failing when AWS is creating a new IP as the code still uses the old IP. In our case, we use DNS to refer to the elasticsearch endpoint. Looking at the release notes for 2.4.2, I don't see any references to any resolutions to issue related to DNS.

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