Issue with datastream, each similar datastream have own hidden index

I have issue after i configured datastream without "Component Templates". I created datastream with , so like this: "my-index-pattern-" in field "Index patterns". And then, each day elastic creats new datastream with hidden index. I tried to 1) put alias to each hidden index and then 2) Convert an index alias to a data stream, but "The provided expressions [.ds-ingress-nginx-10.13-2022.10.13-000001] match a backing index belonging to data stream [ingress-nginx-2022.10.13]. Data stream backing indices don't support aliases. Please, if you have some advice how to move this indexies to One data stream, I will be very grateful to hear them.

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Why do you want to do that?

Because I don't see any other ways, I didn't find any mention in the documentation about merging indexes from different data streams. I continue trying to experiment with backups of my data, but so far there is no desired effect - one datastream with an index template and a list of hidden indexes as here Set up a data stream | Elasticsearch Guide [8.6] | Elastic

It might be easier to take a step back here, what are you trying to achieve?

according to this documentation I have already created a new good correct datastream Set up a data stream | Elasticsearch Guide [8.6] | Elastic I am trying to achieve the same state for my old erroneous solution as at the end of executing the instructions for creating a datastream, that is, to merge the indexes into one and combine them into a data stream requires a matching index template and an index template and Creating a data stream automatically by submitting an indexing request that targets the stream's name

I found solution. Reindex api, i created a new index-template and index-pattern, created a new config for filebeat for this index-template, then reindex all my olds backing index from olds datastreams to new datastream.

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