Issue with displaying nested ES object in Kibana

Hi All,

In my ES index I have the following field which I want to display in Kibana

"tourOperator": [
"India App"

But while displaying it in Kibana, it shows 3 fields on the x-axis in the bar graph i.e. wildlife, India and App i.e. it splits the "India App" value in the 2 separate values ? While in the "Discover mode" is shows it as one value "India App" but while displaying it on the graph it shows it has 2 different values. I am using Kibana 4.1 and ES 1.6

KB does not properly deal with nested documents at this stage I'm afraid.

As a workaround, you could consider flattening your schema at index time (manually or by using "include_in_parent").

If you do need to do more advanced aggregations on nested documents, please +1 this issue and describe your use case: