Issue with File input plugin for ASCII C++ program text file format

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I am facing a problem while reading a file using file input plugin. File input plugin is not able to
find the line delimiter for a file and it is reading 500 consecutive lines as a single line.

Using file command I checked the format of file(hbase) and it is appearing as ASCII C++ program text, with very long lines.
For other file (zookeeper) which file input plugin is reading correctly having format as ASCII text.

zookeeper-root-server.out:     ASCII text
hbase-root-master.out:         ASCII C++ program text, with very long lines

Both the files are in ASCII format so input plugin should be able to interpret line delimiter but seems it is not working for
ASCII C++ program text, with very long lines . I am not able to change the file format . Is there any way to reslove this issue ?

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This item can be closed as there was an issue with my configuration.

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