Issue with geo_shape (Java API)

Hi everyone,

I currently have a problem with geo_shape data

I have the following mapping :

"mappings": {
"street": {
"properties": {
"countrySubdivision": {
"type": "string"
"municipalitySubdivision": {
"type": "string"


"geom": { "type": "geo_shape",
"tree": "quadtree", "precision": "1m" }


I indexed my data and made some queries (directly through ElasticSearch
API) to test the mapping and it gave me good results :

        "_index": "beladdress",
        "_type": "street",
        "_id": "AUxbKUAzu9vYuuKJN8Ez",
        "_score": 4.6158404,
        "_source": {
           "countrySubdivision": "Vlaanderen",
           "municipalitySubdivision": "Ronse"

"geom": { "type": "multipoint",
"coordinates": [ [
50.75176461434321, 3.6213774507672163
], [ 50.7517381346342,
3.6214543962345838 ],


The problem is : When I try to get the content of the fields through the
Java API, It work for every fields except for geom that returns a Null
pointer exception :

When I create my query, I make sure to ask ElasticSearch to return every
field I need :

....addFields("id", "label", "municipalitySubdivision", ... , "geom")

Then I try to get the value of each field.

hit.field("municipalitySubdivision").getValue() => working
hit.field("geom").getValue() => Null Pointer Exception

Has anyone ever encountered this problem ? : )

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