Issue with jdbc for mariadb

I'm honestly trying to browse for similar issue related to this topic, but not able to find any, please excuse if my search engine is wrong, but most likely i will need a help with troubleshooting, why my configuration of extracting data from mariadb is not working so far:

logstash conf file:

jdbc {
jdbc_driver_library => "/etc/logstash/jdbc-drivers/mariadb-java-client-2.2.1-sources.jar"
jdbc_driver_class => "org.mariadb.jdbc.Driver"
jdbc_connection_string => "jdbc:mariadb://overall:3306/tasks"
jdbc_user => "..."
jdbc_password => "..."
jdbc_validate_connection => true
jdbc_page_size => 50000
jdbc_paging_enabled => true
schedule => "* * * * *"
statement => "SELECT * from taskoverview"
sql_log_level => "debug"
type => "task-data"

output {
if [type] =~ "task-*" {
elasticsearch {
hosts => "elastic:9200"
manage_template => true
index => "task-data-%{+YYYY.MM.dd}"
document_type => "%{[@metadata][type]}"
document_id => "%{taskid}"

in logs:

Error: org.mariadb.jdbc.Driver not loaded. Are you sure you've included the correct jdbc driver in :jdbc_driver_library?

What is wrong with configuration? What 'include' is meaning?
:logstash-input-jdbc installed already
java version "1.8.0_151"

hm, after reading of mariadb connector doc
i was moving further, but still without success.
Now i'm getting 'permission denied' for what?

Plugin: <LogStash::Inputs::Jdbc jdbc_driver_library=>"/etc/logstash/jdbc-drivers/mariadb-java-client-2.2.1.jar", jdbc_driver_class=>"org.mariadb.jdbc.Driver", jdbc_connection_string=>"jdbc:mariadb://overall:3306/tasks", jdbc_user=>"...", jdbc_password=>, sql_log_level=>"debug", statement=>"SELECT * from taskoverview", type=>"task-data", id=>"c8de2c09609c6c678d21dfab572c248a97e72669-9", enable_metric=>true, codec=><LogStash::Codecs::Plain id=>"plain_11b4e6c1-530a-4969-8040-0adc0b6532e6", enable_metric=>true, charset=>"UTF-8">, jdbc_paging_enabled=>false, jdbc_page_size=>100000, jdbc_validate_connection=>false, jdbc_validation_timeout=>3600, jdbc_pool_timeout=>5, connection_retry_attempts=>1, connection_retry_attempts_wait_time=>0.5, parameters=>{"sql_last_value"=>2018-01-19 16:01:16 UTC}, last_run_metadata_path=>"/.logstash_jdbc_last_run", use_column_value=>false, tracking_column_type=>"numeric", clean_run=>false, record_last_run=>true, lowercase_column_names=>true>
Error: Permission denied - /.logstash_jdbc_last_run

permission on db is set already

record_last_run => "true"
was the reason of 'permission denied'...not the log look ok

[2018-01-19T16:43:00,590][INFO ][logstash.inputs.jdbc ] (0.075000s) SELECT * FROM taskoverview

I'm completely blind on this...all ongoing issue on the start of this topic cleared already, but the data is still not ingested from maria -> elasticsearch
if you want and can, please help

Temporarily replace your elasticsearch output with a stdout { codec => rubydebug } output and run Logstash again. What happens?

The issue was coming from table field called as 'type', i suppose conflict with internal elastic already registered "_type". We omit it for now to moving further and now the data is collected from 'mariadb', but another one issue is on place:
when we grab the data via jdbc connector from database daily, the next day we have a duplicate entry from the previous there any way to prevent it, or make it works like incremental(just new item to be added)?

Read the jdbc input docs and pay special attention to the sql_last_value parameter.

Yeah, double read it fix the issue))
You are awesome again :wink:
Thanks a lot!

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