Issue with metricbeat keystore integration

Hi there, we are trying to use keystore in metricbeats to protect a password value
but looks like the ${pwd} which we use in the metricbeat.yml is not able to reference the pwd value i have set in keystore
basically looks like the keystore file is not being discovered by my metricbeat.yml
Getting below error,
Exiting: 1 error: host parsing failed for rabbitmq-queue: missing field accessing 'metrcbeat.modules.0.password'
Any suggestions?

How does your metricbeat configuration looks like?

hi Mario,
Thanks for replying to the message.
We actually fixed it by using the parameter in the keystore create command and keystore add command.
We referenced the value from the install yml and used the same.
The issue is resolved now.

.\metricbeat keystore create "C:\ProgramData\metricbeat"
.\metricbeat keystore add rbqpwd "C:\ProgramData\metricbeat"

Lokesh V

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