Metricbeat for IBM MQ

Hi All,

I am trying to use metricbeat for IBM MQ but I am getting below error

No data has been received from this module yet

Can someone please suggest what changes , do I need to make in below file

Thanks in advance,

What changes have you made so far?

@warkolm : Thanks for your reply. have done below changes.

After installng metric beat, I have enabled it for ibm mq. Now I am doing below change to ibmmq.yml file present at /etc/metricbeat/modules.d folder location and restarted the metricbeat

PS : I have installed this with yum install

metricsets: [QMGR1]
period: 10s
hosts: ['IP:Port']

Where IP is Ip address of Queue manager and Port is on which QM is running. I am able to connect to queue manager from other tool

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