Metricbeat for IBM MQ for remote queue manager

Hi All,

I am trying to use metricbeat for IBM MQ but I am Dashboard are blank and getting below message. Looks like, metricbeat isn't able to connect with my Queue manager

No data to display for the selected metrics

Can someone please suggest what changes , do I need to make in below file

My metricbeat file currently looks like below

  • module: ibmmq
    metricsets: ['qmgr']
    period: 1000s
    hosts: ['ip:9901']

    This module uses the Prometheus collector metricset, all

    the options for this metricset are also available here.

    metrics_path: /metrics

PS: hidden ip for security purpose

Thanks in advance,

Hi, have you checked if the selected time interval actually contains data on the metricbeats index?

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