Issue with plugin loading when embedded ES in JBoss

Hi guys,

After successfully embedded ES in Tomcat, I'm now trying to embedded it in JBoss but I get an issue with Plugins.
I configure in elasticsearch.yml the path where I install my plugin:

path.plugins: es/plugins

In [JBOSS_SERVER]/es/plugins I added two plugins: elasticsearch-head and elasticsearch-http-basic
When I start my JBoss I can see in the logs that only the head plugins is loaded. I tested with others plugins (even official plugin) and it's always the same: Only site plugins are loaded, not the jar plugins.

For information I use the elasticsearch-transport-wares (2.6) to embedded ES in a war that I deploy in JBoss and I didn't do any speacial configuration to JBoss.
The ES is working well (I can index/search) but my problem is only that I cannot use plugins (except site plugins). I didn't get this issue on Tomcat where all my plugins was loaded.

Does anyone can help me ?



Put your plugin as a dependency for your War project.

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Exactly ! Thanks a lot David