Issue with storing access keys using elasticsearch-keystore

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I am facing exactly the same issue. I know that the access key and secret key are set to correct values when I enter them from command line. But when I try to create the snapshot using the below arguments, am getting an invalid access key error.
type: 's3',
settings: {
bucket: 'my-bucket',
endpoint: ''

Error when I try to do 'PUT' using '/_snapshot/myapi', I get this error.
{ type: 'i_o_exception',
reason: 'Unable to upload object [tests-2bkb7DnQRbuOcJFSh0LlmQ/master.dat] using a single upload',
{ type: 'amazon_s3_exception',
reason: 'The AWS Access Key Id you provided does not exist in our records. (Service: Amazon S3; Status Code: 403; Error Code:
InvalidAccessKeyId; Request ID: E58DEF25A73D7DEF; S3 Extended Request ID: H5sRO1Cfz36di+1NV+Z/KVIYIz+DZN3HnojoPGUjSqm+WzWIPWFhjWQjt2
tYNewZiUzTvwRzb6Y=)' } }

Is there a known issue with elasticsearch-keystore?

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