Issue with Watcher


(Chandana Reddy) #1

Hello Team,

i have followed the startup guide to install watcher plugin using the following command.

bin/plugin -i elasticsearch/watcher/ (used the beta key as given in mail)

Plugin got installed successfully,but after starting the elasticsearch i see below error:

could you please help me in resolving the issue

--authenticationDatabase admin
(kulkarni) #2

Run bin/plugin -i from ES_HOME to install the License plugin:

bin/plugin -i elasticsearch/license/latest

Follow the getting started guide for installation instructions:

(Chandana Reddy) #3

Now i see below error

(Brian Murphy) #4

Hi Chandana,

Watcher requires a minimum elasticsearch version of 1.5.0. It looks like you are running an earlier version. You should upgrade elasticsearch if you can. If you need to run watcher against an earlier version you can install it on a separate cluster and use the http input to search the older versioned cluster. See

(Priyanku Konar) #5

hi my beta installation of watcher is asking for license plugin -->what am I missing here

(Martijn Van Groningen) #6

The error message indicates that the license plugin is missing.
You can install the license plugin by executing the following command:
bin/plugin -i elasticsearch/license/latest

(Priyanku Konar) #7

thanks got it !

Unable to register watcher
(Vani Aravinda) #8


Can someone let me know how to install Watcher in my system. I downloaded the zip files into my system

Vani Aravinda

(system) #9